Goodbye Windows 8

I’m fed up with Windows 8 on my Lenovo W530 and the troubles I am facing. To name a few: No support for the color calibration sensor by pantone, VMware vSphere only works with a few hacks (and doesn’t show consoles),… I have to admit, Microsoft did a few new good things with Windows 8, but all in […]

MSSQL Emergency Mode

There are a few undocumented things about the MSSQL Server 2000 missing in the knowledgebase of Microsoft. That’s a way to get a database marked as suspect into emergency mode: use[master] go execute sp_configure ‘allow updates’,1 reconfigure with override go update sysdatabases set status =32768 where name =” go

MS-SQL Recovery

There are two kinds of customers: The ones who do backups and those who didn’t have data loss yet, ignoring all good advice and best practices. However, in the end it’s always us, the IT crowd being yelled for to look at the shards and doing a miracle. A broken database at the MSSQL server is marked as […]

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