MSSQL vs Access via JET/ODBC

If you are dealing with a greater amount of records in a Microsoft Access database, it’s recommended to use a SQL server as a backend database to handle those and get rid of unpleasant surprises. Usually those servers are connected via JET/ODBC – and that’s where the fun starts.

It might happen that you are inserting new records into a table and MS Access rants about someone else having your data altered, preventing you to actually deal with the data. All you can do is saving it for copy ‘n paste.

It even happens if you’re the only person on that database. So who’s messing around with the database?

The problem is rooted in our JET/ODBC connection which checks the whole database for changes and causes that problem to appear. But the solution is a simple one: just introduce a timestamp field somewhere in the table (even if not displayed) and database and connection will behave again.


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