Office Update helper

Recently I stumbled across a nice usability problem with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 regarding some users who decided to upgrade from 2003. The main problem was the new ribbon navigation which is a complete new concept people need to get used to. The company UBit from Switzerland did a nice helper addin which emulates the menus from […]

The darned 7

I admit that I am not a fan of Microsoft at all – especially after struggling with Windows Vista. Honestly, I was quite close to threw out all of their software moving to Linux. But then I got a Beta of Windows 7 which was not that bad – In fact, it was better than Vista already.

Finally it arrived!

After one week delay, the third service pack for Microsoft Windows XP arrived. You won’t believe it: It’s even available via automatic update. But what’s inside? First of all, it’s a huge file being 313 MB which means a rather big download and a longer installation. But what’s under the hood? Can’t tell by now. I’m just installing.