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Kernel Blues?

You know, thanks to Intel’s little ‘design flaw’ in its CPUs and all of that buzz going on, we’re forced to patch around a little. This...

Today’s hint 0

Today’s hint

Today I was trying to free some space on my server and came across my kernel sources which were a space hog here – especially if...

Finally! 0


Do you still remember my Lenovo W500 notebook? I was writing about the setup and the issue with the switchable graphic cards. You remember: It got...

Speeding up 1

Speeding up

“Don’t settle for ‘make boot faster.’ It’s the wrong question. The question is ‘make boot fast’.” – those are the words of two Intel developers rumbling...

Kernel Update 0

Kernel Update

Just for the records: The downtime we have experienced was just a reboot for booting a new kernel to be up to date again