ccache on kernels

As I am building debian packages of recent kernels, I have to build the same thing over and over again – pretty much three times to be exact. Once for ‘vanilla’, second time for virtual machines and third time for gameservers using the gentoo patchset. If you check back on my post about ccache on gentoo you might […]

My own kernel repo

Debian is awesome. Really. I love Debian – but sometimes the well-aged kernel is a tad too old for me. Currently it’s about fstrim and as I’m already doing my own Gentoo-Kernel for Debian, I had to do it properly and build an upstream ‘vanilla’ kernel too. What I dislike about my current setup is having to install […]

Kernel Blues?

You know, thanks to Intel’s little ‘design flaw’ in its CPUs and all of that buzz going on, we’re forced to patch around a little. This time, the linux kernel bails out *– * AR /usr/src/linux-4.14.12/tools/objtool/libsubcmd.a * CC /usr/src/linux-4.14.12/tools/objtool/libstring.o * CC /usr/src/linux-4.14.12/tools/objtool/str_error_r.o * LD /usr/src/linux-4.14.12/tools/objtool/objtool-in.o *make[2]: execvp: ./ Permission denied *make[2]: *** [Makefile:49: /usr/src/linux-4.14.12/tools/objtool/objtool] Error 127 *make[1]: *** […] Changelog

The good old Changelog of the Linux-Kernel is quite a monster to read and I cannot imagine that you’d like to read it commit by commit for just maintaining your kernel builds in case of getting a rough idea what happened during the last release. So why not making things a little more short and sweet instead? Let’s […]

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