No 2.6.23 yet

There was really big noise around the new kernel 2.6.23. But is it really worth it? I have waited for the gentoo-sources patchset, added my patches and started testing to satisfy my curiosity. But there were more problems around than good news. So I stepped back to the old gentoo-sources, 2.6.22-gentoo-r8 with my swap prefetch pachset and uvesafb […]

Testdriving 2.6.23

Since today I am running the new gentoo-sources patchset, which is using the new 2.6.23 kernel sources. The update was more or less pain free, disregarding some sandbox violations. But those were avoided using FEATURES=”-sandbox -sfperms -usersandbox”. The best thing about the new sources is, that I do not need to patch them with the uvesafb patches as […]

Kernel 2.6.22

There is great noise in the media since the new kernel has been released. The new features are told to be the killer. Well… amazing… but is the new kernel already useable? I had to face that question a few times today. The new wlan stack is causing headache to me as the old drivers for my ipw3945 […]