As I am watching the numbers on my blog, I realize that I have written quite many postings. 684, including the one you’re currently reading. Those postings caused 1797 comments. A huge number, if you’d ask me. But if you don’t believe me, feel free to start counting…

Alternatives to Nagios

Knowledge about the things happening on hosts and network is essential to a system administrator. That’s why they usually install a bunch of software tools to get the required informations from their systems. Nagios is one of the most infamous programs to do so. It monitors your machines and sends out alerts to the appropriate administrator. The disadvantages […]

I guess that’s it…

It’s quite a while since I have blogged about malware – and even more time has passed by since I have started catching malware. It all started around March 2006 as I was starting to contact various anti-virus labs and security companies to share the samples I have caught. But I have to admit that it was a […]

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