A N900 in 2013

Back in August I got me that Linux device called Nokia N900 on eBay. Sure, it’s an older device, but you don’t need to crack it as it’s pretty open. Sure, you can jailbreak, root or do some voodoo with your device to gain some control – but is that a clean solution? Not sure about that.

Scanning Cash

While doing a routine install of a scanner I discovered something interesting – an error message while processing a test image: The scanner software recognizes money and refuses to process it, to make it harder for the kids to produce counterfeits. Does anyone out there know since when this functionality is being implemented?

Debian: From 6 to 7

Debian did release its Version 7 – named after the cuddly Penguin of the movie ToyStory, Wheezy. Time to update? Sure – painless as usual: Backup (did I already mention that I love vmware snapshots?) first, followed by a traditional update to have it all set before doing the real update: apt-get update apt-get upgrade

Doing a disk change

If you run out of disk space, it’s time to get yourself a newer one; Basic rule for users. In my case, I’m just the one who’s doing the technical work behind, which is less troublesome than the user. To save me some headache, I usually start by replacing the disk in the PC first and wiring up […]

Goodbye Windows 8

I’m fed up with Windows 8 on my Lenovo W530 and the troubles I am facing. To name a few: No support for the color calibration sensor by pantone, VMware vSphere only works with a few hacks (and doesn’t show consoles),… I have to admit, Microsoft did a few new good things with Windows 8, but all in […]

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