WP-HeadlineAnimator 1.1

Der WP-HeadlineAnimator wurde heute von mir mit der Versionsnummer 1.1 versehen, da ich nach der offiziellen Release noch ein paar Kleinigkeiten gefunden hatte, welche nach einer Aenderung in Sachen Fehlerbehandlung verlangten.

Mit anderen Worten bin ich da angelangt, wo ich das Plugin offiziell auf die Oeffentlichkeit loslasse um seine Spur durch Mails und Foren zu ziehen.


10 thoughts on “WP-HeadlineAnimator 1.1”

  • Hi there

    Great idea for this plug-in. Really, it’s a fantastic tool.

    Maybe you can help me: I’m having trouble with the font. I have another php program that uses ttf fonts (jpgraph), but I can’t seem to make your plug-in „see“ my fonts, for example:

    The „font“ text on the plugin admin is always red, and I can’t see any generated image.

    Can you help? thanks!

    by the way, feel free to edit this comment to delete the „help me“ part

  • Alberto, you have to use the path of the font file on the webserver… something like /home/youruser/public_html/jpgraph/fonts/truetype/verdana.ttf in your case…

    Glad you like the idea :)

  • Wow, same mistake I made, and the author comes to the rescue again.
    I’ve made a quick post on your plug in on my blog.
    Now I just need to figure out setting up a daily CRON job to FTP the files over to a different server ;> (Trying to save bandwidth on the paid for server, and use a free webspace one)
    BIG, BIG thanks for the help earlier this week.

    btw, do you happen to know if I’m doing something wrong in the following process?
    I’m using a transparent(alpha?) background in the PNG, but the resulting GIF defaults to white.

  • The Plugin cannot handle transparency yet.

    I am just doing some updates on the plugin, so grab the new Version 1.2, which should save you much hassle by now. The current subversion snapshot should even notify you if you do not have GIF support in your GDlib…

  • Hey Stargazer,

    I just thought I’d leave some ideas I think would really enhance this amazing plug-in:

    -Customizable text size and text „window“. This way, we can create images of any size with the text anywhere on it.
    Great for thin signatures, website buttons (so that others can add it on their sites) etc.

    -Let us choose how many last posts to display. Also, if it’s not too complicated, a separate text color for the very lastest post.

    For now that’s it. I have no idea if those suggestions are simple or complicated to implement.. I’m just sharing some thoughts.

    Thanks for listening. Cheers!

  • Alberto, just to let you know that you can modify the PHP code fairly easily to alter the amount of posts being displayed.
    If you find the line
    $myposts = get_posts(’numberposts=5&order=DESC&orderby=post_date‘);
    you can alter 5 to your needs.
    Just in case your request was urgent, and you couldn’t wait for the author to return from his trip to Munich

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