The net and all traffic was equal – mad(e) in the USA.

Thios Thursday, the government of the United States made it a law. Finally, they managed to shot themselves in the knee again by bringing back censorship and anarchy into the world wide web: Internet service providers may now prioritize traffic (against payment) in both directions. Sites may be speed up against a solid payment, others slowed down. Of course, this even hits the big ones like Google, Apple, Facebook and the others – but they do have the budget for being available at bigger speeds.

What will happen now? In my opinion it’s the death of the so called flat-rates as you have to buy packages where in example Facebook is blazing fast and the rest at a more or less miserable transfer rate. To be honest, looking at what they may do now, I’m sure that phrases like ‘conforming the law’ or ‘healthy competition’ were not used at that debate. In the end it’s just another game of the big companies and their monopolies and greed.



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