What did the LinkedIn Hack mean for end users?

Thinking back of the year 2012, the 5th of july I have to think of the hack that happened against LinkedIn. For anyone who missed the big news, feel free to catch up on Wikipedia. But why am I thinking of that stuff today?

Well, today, five years after the security breach I do feel its consequences. Spam. Bloody Spam.

You may say, Spam is everywhere, so why am I able to assign that incident that way? I have to explain my habits a bit: As I run my own mail server and got my own mail domain I occasionally generate new mail addresses for various services to make mail management easier (think of milter scripts); Spam went worse and finally one mail slipped through my filters and I started looking at my logs: so my first spam on that address came by the 28th of November 2016. As I used that address just for LinkedIn I am sure it’s one of the 6.5 Mio leaked records of that said hack.


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