A bit of a nerdish review

The LinuxDay in Dornbirn is over now. Last weekend to be correct. And I was there, part of the insane NOC team. But what does it mean to deal with such networks?

Sure, there’s a lot of theoretical stuff what you could do. But there’s such an insane thing like ‘time’. Such convention networks are usually there for a short period of time. So it’s usually not worth the effort doing the full show. So it’s important to think what you really need on site. Some services are better outsourced.

Good planning is one thing, but being good with improvisations is gold – especially when things do not run as planned.

This time we learned:

  • Aged hardware is fine, but when it’s EOL, then it’s over.
  • Network-neutrality does not work out.
  • There’s at least one there doing penetration tests.


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