PCs do need care!

It shouldn’t be something new for you that you should care for your computer. No matter if it’s a Desktop PC or a Laptop. If you don’t care, your machine might end up with a bunch of problems. On the other hand, are common users able to care for their machine?

Here’s a list of the most common things to be done every now and then:

  • Defragmentation / SSD-Trim
  • Deleting junk data
  • Adapting Autostart
  • Cleaning out bad Registry entries
  • Patching / Updating software
  • Updating drivers

Looking at those tasks: What have you done? What are you able to do? Sadly most of the tasks listet here are ignored as people – even if they know – they just don’t care as long as things are working somehow. If things don’t work anymore, there are friends who should know how to fix it. If they don’t know, tech folks are also there.

But today we’re able to automate things. Yeah, that’s nothing new. Even Windows got a task scheduler for planing things. So I tend to recommend software solutions to do maintenance tasks to have them done and keep them off my back to have more time for the big things in life.


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