LinuxDay 2011 in Berlin – looking back

This week started to get really interesting on Tuesday evening when I left for the LinuxDay – sadly by train as this was the cause for many problems I had while traveling. One of the biggest issues was a broken railway wagon where my bed was supposed to be. So I arrived Wednesday morning in a very bad shape at the exhibition area where the network team and the helpers already did great work.

My first task was being introduced to the people as the First Level Support for network issues which was done by foot, asking everyone out there if the network stuff is working or if they need help. The next stop was getting down to the NOC team and finalizing the network monitoring to be able to see outages pretty soon which resulted in a bet about if the uplink could be overloaded by the crowd. But the whole event went smooth and we didn’t have many issues to handle – the ones which occurred where handled quickly and professional. Due to the distance I had to walk every day, I did hit my bed soon except for Thursday evening where I did DJ with OpenSource tools on Linux.

To sum it up: The whole event was really great and I did learn a lot and I am looking forward to helping them out again next year. The only difference is that I’ll fly to Berlin instead.


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