Skype on the mobile phone

As my nokia phone is able to log into a wlan, I was thinking of some practical use of it. Sure, reading mails and backing up contacts is a practical application – but this is not the kick ass feature I’d use it for. A phone is for making phone calls. So why not using it as a VoIP handset for Skype? I wouldn’t even have to power up my PC then. But sadly, skype does not offer a Symbian version of their client. As I do not believe that there is no solution, I’m asking Google.

As skype is not one of those open protocol programs, it is quite hard finding a proper solution. but nevertheless, there is a service named Fring that should be able to do the trick: “go mobile with Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk™, SIP, Twitter, AIM & Yahoo!™”

I’ll test it here. So stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Skype on the mobile phone”

  • I like fring on my WM6 phone for having all my IM needs in one package, but using the real Skype client did seem to result in better audio quality for voice calls. Of course this was with just a small sample whilst in Amsterdam, and could have been very subjective. My memory is a little hazy for some reason :)

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