If I have to think back at the times I have started developing the HeadlineAnimator for having a fine signature at the discussion boards, I tend to look at the documentation I wrote those times as I cannot exactly remember all of the details by now.

But there’s one thing I know for sure: The code still works even though there were many changes in the wordpress releases up to now except for the API Code. In other words, the core functions I was using still work the same way they used to do. In other words: If you’re programming, stick to the proposed functions instead of hacking your own dirty little tricks if possible – that way you will be happy for a longer time with it.


4 thoughts on “HeadlineAnimator”

  • Hi I am using your wp-headlineanimator with wordpress 2.8 the newest verision, it doesnt seem to be working, because in the setting for it in the dashboard there is no confirm button or update or save button at all, how do I save the information I entered?
    Thank you

  • I am currently checking your problem with the latest SVN version of wordpress
    and I cannot verify it.

    Some basics:
    The image gets updated as soon as there is post activity on the blog
    Regarding the settings there is an ‘update’ button on the lower right.

    I hope this was clearing up some things for you. If not, I’d need screenshots
    and some more info.

  • @MapleShilc – Just to confirm that I’m using WP2.8.4, the plug in works fine here, the update settings button is present on my install. Do you have any plugins installed that amend the admin interface at all?

  • MapleShilc sent me his changed version and I am about to check the differences. As I sticked to the WP API there is no need to change things except for the layout. But I will look into it to check if I need to release an update.

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