Dhclient, that bitch

Well. You are used to more beautiful words here, but that program caused some trouble in cooperation with the Networkmanager tool. The Story so far:

I am using Networkmanager to configure my network interfaces due to the work. I usually change my network at least three times a day. As WLAN and linux can be a pain, I am using the KNetworkManager tool, storing the keys in the KDE-Wallet. Everything is working, as long as you are using the dhcp package 3.0.6 or lower.

What if…? Rien ne va plus, as the french people would say. You are pretty connection less then, as the NetworkManager is not able to get an IP from the DHCPd then, which can be quite disturbing, euh? But downgrading helps. To prevent things from happening again, a small line added to the /etc/portage/package.mask does the trick and we are working again:



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