CD Goodbye?

Regarding Heise, the music industry isn’t happy with CDs anymore as the profit gets low. No wonder if you look at their anti piracy campaign and the copy protection. That’s a way of loosing customers, if you ask me.


One thought on “CD Goodbye?”

  • Not a big surprise actually.
    When looking at the current German Top10, I hardly know anything in there and after some web digging all I see is that those “bands” usually were started in some TV show.

    Germany is special in some ways though. Somehow the music industry managed to get people to buying “singles” for retarded prices (singles are usually referred to as “dumbass tax” by me). Now with iTunes and the likes a song costs 99 cents.

    That is a lot less than 6€ and of course that hits the industry hard (file sharing does the rest).

    The whole problem boils down to this:
    The music industriy has worked for years to make music no longer a form of art but a produceable commodity. Something that is to be traded, sold and resold. They kinda took the magic out of it. Instead of realizing this and raise the value of a CD they try to produce their shit cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. So why don’t people value the stuff? Because it’s not worth anything, not even to the people selling it.

    Look at the last Tool album 10000 days: Great work. 3D artwork, great package all in all.
    People that were interested in that album bought it. Do we see a pattern?

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