Nepenthes 0.2.0 released

Today a new version of the Nepenthes Honeypot got released. In other words, a new chance to catch the bad files out there. For further information visit the Nepenthes Homepage.


2 thoughts on “Nepenthes 0.2.0 released”

  • i would like to ask you about nepenthes. I already run my nepenthes for about 17hours. I still cannot capture any malware attempts. How could i test my nepenthes for malware attempts quickly? I really need to see it run correctly. I run nmap and i can see that some port are open but this not satisfy me

  • You should make sure you are not running your nepenthes box behind a firewall. Besides that, have a look at the logfile. What version of nepenthes are you using?

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