Nepenthes 0.2.0 released

Heute wurde die neue Nepenthes 0.2.0 Version öffentlich. Mit anderen Worten, ein neuer Versuch um noch mehr böse Programme zu fangen. Alles Weitere findet man auf der Nepenthes Homepage.


2 thoughts on “Nepenthes 0.2.0 released”

  • i would like to ask you about nepenthes. I already run my nepenthes for about 17hours. I still cannot capture any malware attempts. How could i test my nepenthes for malware attempts quickly? I really need to see it run correctly. I run nmap and i can see that some port are open but this not satisfy me

  • You should make sure you are not running your nepenthes box behind a firewall. Besides that, have a look at the logfile. What version of nepenthes are you using?

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