Driving in the rain

First of all, it is to say that it is not a very pleasant experience to drive a motorcycle in the rain – not to say that I would try to avoid it in general. But as you know, it isn’t always possible to do. Especially if you do not want to have the bike and the rider separated for collecting during the next day.

To survive such an adventure in one piece, there are a few things to keep an eye on to minimize the risk of an inelegant drop. During the warm times, asphalt heats up during the day. As rain comes along, the water is cooling the street, but literally boils away and makes the road quite slippery. So it is recommended to wait until the road cooled down before continuing to drive on.

But this isn’t all: Road markings and manhole covers are quite evil too – just as evil as the insane drivers (hope they have a fine insuance!) or the race marshals at the side of the track. Driving over them makes you fall.

At least a word about clothing: If you are swimming your way home, you will see that cheap motor cycle clothing won’t keep you dry at all. So every Euro or Dollar invested there grants you some safety and comfort and isn’t wasted at all.

Well – I survived.


  1. @ Grazer: aber eins ist gewiss, du hast garantiert keine mangelnde Widerstandskraft, denn bei so vielen Einladungen zum Kaffee – übrigens, der letzte steht immer noch am Tisch bei uns und wenn du ihn noch länger da stehen lässt, wird er wohl bald grün sein und nicht mehr scharz – denen du bisher widerstanden hast, braucht deine Frau garantiert einen Nussknacker für dich, um dich rum zu kriegen.

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