ccache == more Speed?

Many people, especially around gentoo linux, do think that ccache is a must-have, reducing compile time pretty much. But is that really true? How much does it really help? Let’s nail it down with some facts: ccache parses the compiler call to make sure it’s a single compile as it doesn’t work with linking or multi-source builds (for […]

The OQO odyssey – Part 2

This article is part of the OQO odyssey series – You might want to read Part 1 first. As the windows installation was finished, I am adding my default software set containing Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Antivir and some Sysinternals-Tools. But if you remember the first article about the installation, I have left 15 GB for a Linux installation […]

GCC 4.1.1 im Portage

Nun denn… wieder einmal ein neuer GCC im Portage Tree von Gentoo. Diesmal sogar upgradebar. Also gut, dann wollen wir einmal dieses Meisterwerk im System integrieren… Der neu GCC verwendet die selbe Version, wie sein Vorgänger. Doch ein einfaches Upgrade reicht in den meisten Fällen nicht aus, da man sich die Binaries ‘bricht’ – Qt ist ein […]