As Toei Rei did a quite fine relaunch of her blog with her new design, I had a new motivation for doing something new with my blog. The result is the current view of the page.

Did you notice?

If you didn’t already notice, I changed the header image on my blog here. I know, I should have done that sooner, but I was too lazy for. But why just now? I have discovered Inkscape. Incscape is a vector drawing program. Imagine – common pictures are using a grid which is colored the way you want it. […]

Now with pictures

Since I got a gravatar myself, I had to implement that into my blog for comments. For those who do not know gravatars: gravatars are so called global recognized avatars, small pictures assigned to your email address. In other words, if you leave a comment on a blog supporting gravatars, the picture assigned with your email address will […]

Error pages

Todays topic are error pages numbered 404. Looking at my own blog I have worked out a solution and embedded it into the theme of my site. What’s that Page not found for a visitor? Let’s have a look: Someone clicks a link and gets to a webpage that does not exist. If the CMS does not handle […]