Today’s hint

Today I was trying to free some space on my server and came across my kernel sources which were a space hog here – especially if they’re already compiled: denkbrett src # du -sh linux- 718M linux- denkbrett src # cd linux- denkbrett linux- # make distclean denkbrett src # du -sh 437M . As you see, a […]

Small fixes

My WP-HeadlineAnimator Plugin for WordPress is running fine since quite some time and I wasn’t forced to do that many changes to stay compatible with WordPress development. Today’s Update brings a little design fix to match the overall view of the admin panel. Another small change is that I switched over to my own git repository for development, […]

OpenVPN vs Win7

OpenVPN is a cool tool for doing quick and easy VPN connections that work. At least it is easy as long as you don’t drop administrative privileges for the common user. To get the VPN working, it is needed to set up routes to get the traffic to its destination which requires administrative permissions. But do we want […]

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