Skype vs Growl 1.3

Since working on my Mac, I have to admit that I got used to use Growl for notifications as it’s a pretty way to get notifications in a non-disturbing way. But since Growl 1.3 Skype went on strike – just like a couple of other applications. No Growl notifications anymore.

A small research showed that the reason for the incompatibility was the old and outdated Growl SDK used by the applications. So updating the bindings should solve my problem. Getting the SDK is fairly easy as you can download it from the Growl-Webseite for free.

The ZIP package contains a folder named Framework which contains another folder named Growl.framework. This folder and its contents is what Applications use.

Thinking of the way OSX handles applications, which is having binaries and libraries into folders, it should be an easy task to mess around with those libraries. Opening those files in Finder works by selecting “Show contents”. This reveals a folder structure which looks familiar: A folder named Framework contains Growl.framework and maybe some others. Copying the folder from the ZIP file into the Application folder isn’t a big deal and should fix the problems. To do so, you should close the application you are trying to fix!


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