Skype uses SQLite

Skype uses SQLite too! Even if you don’t believe it, but it’s one of the most handy things for getting data structured; But as every database, even sqlite needs some love every now and then. On a linux box, the databases of Skype are in ~/.Skype// and their extension is .db; Contacts, Logs and all that jazz in […]


My mailserver got some nice features to fight spam. One of them is the well known filter SpamAssassin, being the last line of defense here. In theory, a nifty setup, if you kill quite some spam and leave the rest to SpamAssassin. But trust me, if SpamAssassin doesn’t get enough spam, it literally starves due to the lack […]

A N900 in 2013

Back in August I got me that Linux device called Nokia N900 on eBay. Sure, it’s an older device, but you don’t need to crack it as it’s pretty open. Sure, you can jailbreak, root or do some voodoo with your device to gain some control – but is that a clean solution? Not sure about that.

Scanning Cash

While doing a routine install of a scanner I discovered something interesting – an error message while processing a test image: The scanner software recognizes money and refuses to process it, to make it harder for the kids to produce counterfeits. Does anyone out there know since when this functionality is being implemented?

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