Dev Diary – The new CRM – Ideas and concepts

As I work at a brand new company which is currently being founded, we found out that the common CRM systems available don’t match our needs and due to the fact that I am able to code, I decided to hack it myself. I know, that’s big words, but to be honest, a system that fits our needs without much bloat surely chains me to the desk for maintaining it, but that’s a different story.

For the CRM I was looking at the stuff already out there: Most of those systems use their own client which is something I dislike for maintenance reasons at the current update frequency as it’s not even developed yet. So the only reasonable choice now is going for a web app. Node? Java?

To be honest, I dislike Java for a couple of reasons, especially if you’re chained to oracle. NodeJS is a bit of scary to me as in my opinion JavaScript is client stuff which I keep my hands off. But hey, there’s still our ol’ and dirty PHP for rapid development. Employing a framework and the progress made in PHP 7 are one of those reasons for me to give it a try. As a framework I voted for Laravel as it’s got a big community behind and that CRUD stuff is exactly what I need.


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