WP-BlackCheck 2.8.0 – Beta 1

Quite some time passed, since I really looked into the code for ironing out bugs and added features, but honestly – there is no need to do much, as the plugin works pretty smooth. But nevertheless I did some changes to get some more usability out of my plugin.

The changes are as follows:

  • Drop the Stats page – we got a dashboard widget to do that now
  • Drop the ‘show on dashboard’ stuff as it’s outdated since ages
  • A couple of bugfixes and improvements
  • Style fixes to have colored buttons
  • Removal of the CommentHash stuff as it was broken by design
  • You may send spam to the spam queue now or discard it (it’s your choice) *
  • Improved some spam logic stuff to kick in more effective in the end

*) Work in progress

As the current work is pretty beta, I will not publish it at WordPress.org. Instead you may get it directly from me in exchange for some feedback as I need some more testing people. A comment or contact request and you’re welcome to test.


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