WP-BlackCheck 2.6.1

A new version of WP-BlackCheck is out – once again. The changes are more or less just a few cosmetic fixes:

  • Add counter for reported IPs
  • Fix bar graph text issue
  • New Webservice URL


4 thoughts on “WP-BlackCheck 2.6.1”

  • The spacing for the graph isn’t calculated dynamically yet as I never had that big numbers here as you should reset the stats on updates…

  • Ah, updates weren’t being reset. Why reset them btw? I’m interested in long term stats, but not enough to keep a record when they’re reset :)

  • Sometimes I have to add or delete a field at the stats page. To make things showing up correctly, it’s best to reset the stats.

    I do reset them every month and copy my numbers to a sheet to have something to compare to as the stats are just a snapshot of the moment, not a complete time-graph;

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