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You might have noticed that I am hanging around on Facebook, where I also published the RSS feed of this blog – mainly to extend the range of my posts. Sounds great, but you know what’s been said about theory and things in practical. On facebook people can comment my postings too which tears up the discussion.

After some time of searching through code and plugins I stumbled across a plugin that imports those facebook comments back to the blog. I hope this solves that loose comment problem. It’s now active and we’ll see if it works as expected…


7 thoughts on “Facebook vs StarBlog”

  • Are you using the TNG one as well? There was a blip when the mobile phone-friendly version of facebook was altered. I haven’t gotten around to checking if the importing process is working again since then.

  • Yes, Chris, I am using the TNG Version. It did import some comments – but we’ll see. Are there any other plugins you’d recommend?

  • No, I’ve not tried any other fb comment pull in plugins yet, I just noticed that a few comments didn’t make the transition recently. It could well be they were made on status updates, rather than notes though.

  • hmm, just got an error about needing to manually copy a number over to prevent spam. Didn’t think to copy my original comment first.
    Basically it said that the plugin didn’t work for a while, I think until an update was released. At the time the author mentioned the mobile interface for facebook was down or modified (can’t remember which). Perhaps the update altered the method used to grab comments?

  • The Number-Copying is only shown if you disabled JS for this site – a simple and hidden captcha that prevents some spam.

    As far as I know, the comments were broken due to a format update.

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