The web will always remember

Social networks and such things are everywhere. They are fine possibility for everyone to take his share at the striptease session regarding personal data. Web for being a part of it, web to be touched, web 2.0, web the trap – as it never forgets.

Every day search engines crawl a huge mass of sites and even archiving tools, as seen on are out to gather input.

And this is exactly where the problem is: Someone enters personal data on a website or publishes pictures. As soon as those are published, everybody may access it. Everywhere and any time. That’s the main reason for me to dislike the typical web 2.0 hype as nobody really seems to care about privacy. Social networks are even the direct opposite as they are trying to present their members to form groups.

You may say now, that you can delete your profile on such sites anytime you like. That’s true, but how about the crawlers and web spiders that already copied the data? As soon as they got it, it’s granted, that it is saved somewhere else too.

I don’t want to outlaw the whole system now and forbid anyone to take part on social networks. I just want to point out that it’s better to use a pseudonym while using such social networks, as it makes it harder to implicate it to you. Because imagine you’re applying for a job and your boss to be accidentally finds the pictures of a party you took part…


5 thoughts on “The web will always remember”

  • seit wann nennst du “bikerfestivals” ganz lapidar “jugendfeten”???

    und abgesehen davon, selbst wenn es in meiner jugend schon internet gegeben hätte, ich seh heut auch nicht anders aus als damals, nur reifer… *pruuuuuuust

  • Ich denke, dass gerade du wissen solltest, wovon ich rede, wenn es um Profile in sozialen Netzwerken geht und wie leicht man dort Dinge findet…

  • klar weiß ich… würd es mich betreffen, wär’s so wie oben genannt… und abgesehen davon, ich arbeite sehr intensiv und jede gelegenheit nutzend, um meinen schlechten ruf zu festigen… und du kennst mich ja!!! *grins

    so am rande bemerkt, eine alterskontrolle beim speichern der persönlichen daten und bilder gehört fest installiert… das würde manchen manches ersparen…

  • Das Problem dabei ist, dass eben viele soziale Netzwerke auf Jugendliche abzielen, die weder wissen was sie tun, noch genau lesen was mit ihren Daten getan wird…

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