Cutting back WordPress

Since the last release of wordpress, I have had to look through the code again for getting rid of those unneeded killer features. One of them is called revisions. Instead of coding useless stuff, they should listen more to the community and what they need. But let’s get back to our topic and fire up an editor for our wp-config.php file. Adding the following line turns off revisioning:

define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 0);

That was the first step. After turning of the generation of revisions, I’d suppose to clean up the mess done before by that feature. As the mess took place in the database, we need to clean up there:

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE (‘post_name’ LIKE ‘%-revision%’ OR ‘post_name’ LIKE ‘%-autosave%’);

That way we’re eliminating the last revisions from the database. As this is a delete statement, I’d suggest doing a backup as you all know Murphy and his law…


6 thoughts on “Cutting back WordPress”

  • numerodix says:

    Revisions is actually the most useful new feature in a long time. I guess you write short entries, but for people who write long ones it’s really helpful to save underway and keep track of what has happened in the writing process.

  • numerodix says:

    I haven’t tried that because these external apps don’t have an equally good editor interface (the javascript thingy). I use stuff like ‘code’ tags all the time, I post source code, include images, I also check how it lays out on the page because it’s not always predictable. All this pretty much rules out an external editor for me.

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