Advertising on my blog

To be honest, I cannot stand popup advertising and other annoying things on webpages breaking standard.

First I have started using AdSense here, gaining some cent per year. Great, yeah? Not really. Google pays you as soon as you have earned a minimum amount. In other words, I gained nothing and searched for alternatives. Selling links looked fine to me, and I had a look at it. In theory everything looks promising and I could even quadruple the income compared to AdSense. Sadly math strikes in hard here as nothing multiplied by four is still nothing.

So all I can do is searching for a better solution without loosing my sarcasm.


3 thoughts on “Advertising on my blog”

  • Chris Merriman says:

    When you get back from your trip, drop me a line, if you want a list of the more profitable options. Given you have a PR of 4, you could be making a fair amount per month, whilst retaining editorial control over what appears.
    Of course nothing is guaranteed, but you know I’m happy to help if I can :)

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