It’s getting quiet around the WP-HeadlineAnimator

Yes, it is getting quiet and there is hardly any feedback on my plugin. Nothing here. Not even on or mail. All the requested features have been done and a bugtracker has been set up for if it is needed.


9 thoughts on “It’s getting quiet around the WP-HeadlineAnimator”

  • Your wish is my command ;)

    (I did sign up for a bugzilla, but no sign of confirmaiton e-mail yet, hence adding it here)

    1) To be able to set where the post text is placed, in terms of the X co-ordinate in an X,Y system
    2) To be able to set the cut off point before … is used to truncate a long post name

    I’ve hacked these manually in the code previously, but stopped as I was too lazy to repeat this each time a new SVN version existed

    Reason? Main one is that I use a border on my PNG file, as to alleviate issues when using a background colour that will clash with either light-themed or dark-themed forums.
    (As in I use a white background, which clashes too harshly on a black backgrounded forum, so I added a thin blue border around the image. This then leads to the post text overwriting the border).

    If other users are reading this, our author is too modest to request this probably, but why not make a short post on your blog and/or any web-related forums you belong to, extolling the virtues of WP-HeadlineAnimator?

  • well, one thing, which should be improved, is the button in the admin panel. The “value” is not correct. there is something like version number and date and author and stuff like this written. the source of this is the function “_e($rev_action);” in the value attribut of the button.. if i omit it, everything works fine and looks good. so, couldn’t be a problem to do so in further versions…

  • Hallo, ich möchte den headlineanimator gerne auf meiner Volleyball-Seite ausprobieren, aber ich bin ganz ehrlich mit der Installationsanleitung nicht zufrieden. Ich hab das Plugin hochgeladen und aktiviert, und nun weiß ich nicht weiter. Soll das “admin interface” zum konfigurieren der Plugin-Editor sein, in dem ich dann den Quelltext durchforsten muss? “make sure that the file you want to write your animator to is writeable for php” – welche datei soll das sein, wo kann ich das angeben? Wenn ich das weiss und die Datei generiert wird geb ich auch gerne weiteres Feedback. Vorerst schonmal Danke für Deine Bemühungen!

  • Hallo Jony – schau bitte, dass du im “Advanced Configuration”-Modus bist (Haken setzen!) – Der Rest sollte sich mit Lesen loesen lassen, ohne dass du Code hacken musst…

  • Hi, I just found your plugin. I downloaded it, installed it, but got a error message: You have no GIF Support in your GDLib. This Plugin will not work.
    How do I insatll GDLib? and my blog titles have some Chinese in it, will this work? Does it support UTF-8?

  • The Plugin should support utf-8. I do not see a problem if your system accepts it.

    gdlib may be compiled into php or be a loadable extension to it.

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