What the hell happened here?

I think that’s the first thing that came to your mind watching this site now. But the answer to that question is simple: my new WordPress theme which should be much easier to read by now.


5 thoughts on “What the hell happened here?”

  • [lang_de]Die neuesten Änderungen noch nachträglich eingereicht:

    – Korrekturen am Theme um echtes XHTML zu sein
    – Umbau einiger PlugIns um mehrere Sprachen zu unterstützen
    – Update aller Erweiterungen
    – Buttons anders setzen (sieht besser aus so)
    – Archiv Fixen
    – Kommentare farblich abgrenzen bzw trennen
    [/lang_de][lang_en]The newest changes update:

    – Style fixes to be valid XHTML
    – Rewrite of some PlugIns to support multilang
    – Update for all extensions
    – Relocate Buttons (looks better that way)
    – Fix archive
    – Seperate comments from each other

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