IE6 blues

It’s one if the most common problems with the old internet explorer that it handles the box model in a wrong way and I have been cursing for hours due to that problem. To be able to do some workarounds, Microsoft offers browser switching for their browser (IE only) for loading different stylesheets: <!–[if IE 6]> <link rel=”stylesheet” […]

Manuals in PDF format

Manuals are one of the vital things of the IT field, the source of information about how to handle certain programs and problems. Surely they are not always top, but always better than nothing if you are able to read them. Sadly it got to be a common habit doing them in PDF format by now, which requires […]

Addicted to caffeine

Bummer. Think I am addicted to caffeine by now. I came to the conclusion, watching myself in the morning: Without my mug of coffee I can’t even stand the starting day… and not to forget those people serving decaffeinated coffee – Hey! I’m in the IT department – Caffeine is one of the basics of my life…

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