Speed up!

I don’t deny that my blog wasn’t too fast during the last year, which is one of those problems that are simply annoying but not fixed with high priority as things ‘work’ – somehow. But now I decided to improve things.

Strange requests

I was analyzing some logfiles of my webserver during the last days and watched a huge number of strange hits coming from rather strange hosts: index.php?page=http://www.xxxxxxxx.com/path/to/file.txt What the heck is going on here? What does the URL do? Well – it’s there for purpose – so let’s fetch it. (URL above is cloaked for security reasons) A good […]

mod_rewrite problem

Since I have worked out the separated rss feeds for my page, I have to battle with mod_rewrite again, which I definitively dislike as I always tend to wreck my sites that way. My current .htaccess file works quite the way I’d need it, but I’d need to extend it for the new feeds. Well – here it […]