Advertising party

If you know me, you should know that it is easy convincing me to come to an advertising party if there’s a nice dinner included – you know… Something to eat is always a good reason – especially if it’s good and free. But I won’t visit such parties in a row like we did last time.

I’ve won!

This is a small howto to my day – for everybody who wants to do it my way. First, start with having breakfast to be at the old flat by 09:00am. Somebody will come around there to check your water consumption counters. Then do some programming to finish some project work. Having lunch is important, as an hour […]

Relaxed to work

Starting a workday in a bad mood can be the killer for the day. I know what I am talking about, because a stress free start in the morning can really save the day. This is as important for me as sleeping well – a reason for me to go by scooter as long as possible.

Once again…

Yes, once again, but this time for someone else. I am again at an advertising party for orthopedic sleep. As the show yesterday brought me a blanket and a pillow, I was out for some information about that stuff, which was better this time…