An update

My Nokia e61 finally got updated – talking to the right people made it possible: My providers branded firmware which is currently in evaluation is avaliable on request after long talks in the Nokia partner stores. If you know some good arguments, it is even possible to get an unbranded firmware from Nokia, version 3. Using an old […]

Living with the Nokia e61

It’s a while ago since I switched mobile provider and got my nokia e61. The ‘actual’ firmware is 1.0610.04.04 19-04-06 RM89. After some crashes it happened that I had to reset the phone to factory defaults (complete reset). Fatal crash on bigger WLAN infrastructures having more than one accesspoint -> Public Hotspots on airports Crashes while using WLAN/Bluetooth. […]

Mobile Jungle

The last phone bill at one made me thinking and I started comparing what the service costs would be at different providers. To be honest, there are differences like comparing night and day. The provider “drei” offers the same service that “one” provides – the difference: 150 EUR. As I can take my phone number with me – […]

Mit dem Nokia N70 ins Internet

Es ist nicht immer so leicht wie es scheint, mit einem Mobiltelefon ins Internet zu gelangen. Wenn man einmal die Treiber für das Gerät installiert hat – so meint man – sollte dies kein Problem darstellen. Klassischer Fall von ‘denkste…’ Nach ein paar Stunden des erfolglosen Rumprobierens hatte ich die Lösung: Damit das Mobiltelefon korrekt als GPRS Modem […]