Mobile Jungle

The last phone bill at one made me thinking and I started comparing what the service costs would be at different providers. To be honest, there are differences like comparing night and day. The provider “drei” offers the same service that “one” provides – the difference: 150 EUR. As I can take my phone number with me – […]

Handy memory blues

My Nokia N70 mobile phone is one of those devices whose memory can be extended by some kind of flash cards. Those cards are a nice option for storing software or multimedia files – as long as it’s ok. In case of damaged memory, the phone crashes. Such crashes occur on read/write of the flash card and the […]


From the historical point of view, the mobile phones were a service provided by railway companies (about 1926). From the technical point of view it wasn’t really useable for the public until 1983 when Motorola built the first phone based on GSM standards (about 1992).