Death of my KDE profile

As sysadmin I am talking about Backups every day, as things can break very easy. But are backups always usable, up to date and compatible? I was testing some software as suddenly my KDE crashed and the profile assistant launched. My settings were lost. What now? My backup is on a pc 25 km away from here – […]

Oxygen Icons

KDE 4 is already insight and should be arriving around October. I am watching the news about this desktop system since a while and liked the fresh look of the new iconset. As Icons do not need to be compiled nor linked I thought it would be easy integrating them into my current Desktop. Doing so is really […]

KDE 3.5.4 in Sicht

In den Gentoo-Portage werden nun nach und nach maskierte Pakete geschoben, welche der Desktopumgebung KDE 3.5.4 angehören. Wie es aussieht, dürfen wir uns auf eine neue Release einstellen. Die Release wird einen Haufen an Bugfixes enthalten wobei die KHTML-Fixes einen Grossteil davon ausmachen, wenn man dem Changelog trauen kann.