Lenovo W500 – Part 5

Today I decided to get the webcam working which can be found above the display, integrated into the case. Fact is, I haven’t really looked at the device, as it wasn’t listed as such. As there are no unknown devices at the PCI bus, we can narrow our search to the USB bus which looks like that:

Lenovo W500 – Part 2

As the windows part was done, it is time to do the productive environment used for work – Gentoo Linux. As already mentioned in one of my previous posts, we are talking about a 64bit system. But before watching the GCC output, it’s time to look at some specs and hints. I’ll start with the CPU which specs […]

Enough joking

As the title says, I’m getting serious about my server boxes – no more software raid, no more running all that websites using the same user, no more kidding. As the new mailserver is already productive, the second IBM x345. As already told in the post dealing with the new server, it was no big deal doing the […]