Copy On Write?

While browsing my documents for BTRFS stuff, which was recomended by Rei, I came across a funny term named ‘Copy on Write’. I guess, you’re already shaking your head, asking yourself what the heck I would copy on write – but be sure, I know what I am talking about. We are talking about memory management on modern […]

Btrfs News

It’s quite a while since the news on btrfs, Chris Mason is working on. Since Toei Rei offered her ebuilds for our Overlay, btrfs is even in use here and it has been proved, that there are no great problems. Today she told me some hint she picked up while talking to Chris Mason. For displaying the subvolumes […]

Surprise, surprise

You remember the Btrfs project, the new and really fast filesystem? Rei – a fellow gentoo user tests this filesystem on her computer and discovered a nasty bug causing a kernel panic. She reported to the mailinglist. The bug was already fixed in the Mercury-Repository – so she did some Live-Ebuilds. Well done!