Adventures with the RaspberryPi

Yes, I’ve been caught by the Raspberry Pi fever. A bit late, but caught for sure. It all started with a friend of mine handing me a box, saying “Guess you can make use of that way better than I could.” That’s how things started – I’m sitting here, staring at a dark screen, a text console, hacking and cheering and as usual, nobody around me understands my mood. But to be honest, as an IT tech, I’m pretty used to that.

The good thing about the Raspberry pi is, that you quickly get something out of it. The basics are up and running in a few minutes. Finetuning usually is just a bonus then. Forums offer new tips and tricks – in short: there’s plenty of support out there.


2 thoughts on “Adventures with the RaspberryPi”

  • Thorsten says:

    …die zweite Himbeere schon einen Haushalt weiter, seit dem 4er hält mich mein Umfeld für endgültig lost

    toller blog, dich behalt ich ma im auge


  • Ich muss sagen, persönlich mag ich die Richtung des RPI4 nicht, da dieser mehr Kühlung benötigt; Moving Parts und so…

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